Wednesday, April 14, 2021

What should be paid attention to when machining precision parts?

When machining precision parts, pay attention to the following safety details, otherwise CNC precision machining may lead to product scrap and self-safety issues.

1. Before precision CNC machining, the design drawings of the parts should be clear, and the machining requirements should be reasonable. If there is a problem with the marked size, the processed precision parts may not be used. Affect poor parts machining.

2. Precision parts machining operators must maintain the correct posture, have sufficient energy to cope with the work, and focus on cooperating with each other during operation. Adjust your mentality when you are irritable and tired. So as to avoid accidents.

3. During operation, pay attention to whether the movement and machining state of the machine tool are normal, and abnormal phenomena are encountered. In the event of noise or alarm, stop the machine immediately for inspection and machining, and the machine tool can only continue to operate and process after the fault is eliminated.

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