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How to deal with hearing aid howling and silence?,Posted by chrispeng Leave a comment

The sound of hearing aid becomes very small suddenly even direct silent, perhaps from time to time existence roar, how should deal with?Have you ever had a problem like this?

The silent processing of hearing AIDS

1. If the machine is not turned on, make sure the switch is in M gear.

2, switch is broken, replace the switch.

3. If the battery is low or no power, replace the battery.

4. The ear mold or earplug is blocked. The ear mold should be cleaned to remove foreign bodies.

5. The filter screen of the headphone and microphone is blocked.Replace the cerumen baffle.

6. The box machine wire is broken and the earphone is damaged.Replace the wires and headphones

The treatment of hearing aid decrescent sound

1, the battery is low, replace the battery.

2. Plug in ear mold or earplug.Clean the ear mold and remove the plug.

3. Hearing loss.Redo the hearing test and readjust the hearing aid

How hearing AIDS are dealt with

1. If the standard earplug is not suitable, replace the standard earplug.

2. The ear mold is not sealed, so the ear mold should be modified or redone.

3. If the air vent of the ear mold is too large, modify the ear mold or cancel the air vent.

4. If the ear hook is broken, replace the ear hook.

5, the hearing aid gain is too high, reduce the high-frequency gain or start the DFS function

PS: hearing aid howling is divided into internal howling and external howling.Internal noise is due to the hearing aid internal devices caused by the problem, generally if the hearing aid inlet noise or exist, that can be judged as internal noise, internal noise needs to return to the factory for processing

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