Sunday, November 24, 2019

Needing a hearing amplifier

Everybody gets older and as we do our bodies do not work in the same way that they used to when we were young. My sight went first and was corrected easily enough by getting glasses. Then my back was always sore so that was fixed with a few sessions at the chiropractor and physiotherapist. Finally without actually noticing myself my hearing started to fade away until somebody mentioned that I never answered when they called me or that other people in the room could hear them when I could not. It was a strange feeling to know that I was going deaf or had gone deaf and was now in need of some kind of hearing amplifier.
The new hearing amplifiers were small and compact and fitted into your ears so snuggly that many people would not even notice that you were wearing them. The people around you also had to have a second look because the amplifier was so small and also flesh colored that they were not sure what they saw the first look. After going to the ear specialist and finding out how bad the damage was to my hearing I decided, after the doctor’s recommendation, that I would have to have hearing amplifiers so that I could hear the everyday sounds that I was missing out on. I did not realize that in the mornings that trees outside were full of birds and buzzing bees. I could also hear the train pull up to and out of the station which was at least one mile away. All of these sounds I had been missing out on for years because I had no idea I had a hearing loss problem. So I urge you to have regular checkups even if you think you have perfect hearing.

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