Friday, October 25, 2019

The best sounding rechargeable hearing aids

What should you consider before choosing a Rechargeable Hearing Aid?

Q: Is there a convenience factor for using rechargeable hearing aid technology?
A: Rechargeable hearing aid systems are designed to provide a convenient approach and ease of use for the wearer when it comes to using your hearing aids and the batteries needed to power your devices. All current hearing aids on the market use a battery. Traditional batteries require battery replacement on roughly a weekly basis give or take the hearing aid style and brand.  Offering a rechargeable option means easier daily use for those who might have problems with vision, dexterity or even remembering how to change the battery.  Rechargeable systems offer a solution that anyone can use and enjoy!

Q: Do all rechargeable hearing aid systems deliver the same battery life performance?
A: No, even when a rechargeable hearing aid uses the same battery, the hearing aid technology is what drives the battery consumption. How do you choose the right hearing aid technology? Look for an efficient hearing aid battery drain that does not compromise the hearing aid function. Jinghao offers the lowest battery drain in the industry. Lower battery drain means higher performance for your hearing aids and rechargeable batteries.

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