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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

JINGHAO AT Medica Germany

Medica is known worldwide and has been present on the medical field since 1947. The expo will be held at Messe Düsseldorf, Germany from November 18, 2019, to November 21, 2019. In those four days, there will be 5,100 exhibitors, presented from 66 nations! The Medica conference is dedicated to providing and educating people, from all over the world, about the newest technologies available in the medical field.

List of exhibits - Electrical Equipment/ Medical Technology

  • Diagnostics
  • Orthopedic technology and physiotherapy
  • Laboratory technology
  • Imaging supplies
  • Prosthesis and implants
  • Endoscopy and surgery devices


  • Six forums
  • Five conferences
  • Six special shows
  • 750 lectures as well as courses and workshops including discussions

Consumer goods and commodities

  • Surface disinfectants
  • Equipment and accessories for acupuncture
  • Medical cosmetics, articles for nursing, and more.

Photos that Jinghao Medical on Medica Germany exhibiton

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What color does the hearing aid have? What are the colors of the hearing aid?

What color does the hearing aid have?-What are the colors of the hearing aid?

There are many colors of hearing aids, especially the color of the eardrum machine. However, the current domestic hearing aids are more conservative in color, mostly in flesh and brown. If color is needed, it may be ordered in advance, because it is imported from abroad. You can go to the nearest hearing and fitting center to consult.

The color of the shell of the behind-the-ear hearing aid can be varied to meet the needs of users of different ages, such as traditional color, fashion, fun, and close to the hair and skin color. You can choose your own when you go to match.,The color of the current skin color is accepted by many people. There are also some color manufacturers that are not necessarily realistic. Some have to go abroad to buy goods. Customers choose the color as the manufacturer applies. The color of the custom ear canal casing is not so much, mainly flesh, red and blue. The color of most ear canal panels is mainly concealed, mostly popular for flesh and brown.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Whether the functions of the hearing aid are as many as possible

Whether the functions of the hearing aid are
as many as possible?

Of course, the more the hearing aids function, the more problems, and needs are solved, but it also needs to be combined with personal economic conditions and demand choices. The higher the hearing aid price, the more functions, such as the function of calling, connecting TV, mobile phone, etc., if daily life environment More complex, you need high-grade, multi-functional hearing aids, but some old people usually do not go out, but to solve the communication with people, you do not need too many functions, so you can not use it, I suggest you follow the advice of the fitter.

In theory, the more the hearing aids
function, the greater the comfort and clarity, whether in a quiet or complex
environment. And some of them, such as frequency shifting function, binaural
mutual transmission function, automatic microphone function are only available
on high-end hearing aids. Simply put, the most common hearing aids can only be
used in quiet environments, and the best hearing aids can handle a variety of
complex sound environments. Improve the comfort of wearing, the specific choice
of hearing aids should be based on their own needs, not necessarily many
functions, the most suitable is the best.

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Huizhou Jinghao Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Huizhou Jinghao Medical Technology company specialized in the production of hearing AIDS, atomizer, air cushion and other health care products professional company, since 2009, by virtue of advanced production and testing equipment, excellent sales team and excellent suppliers, the company has established a management program to explore the market and after-sales service. This sales value management helps our products enjoy a good reputation abroad while winning many well-known customers around the world. The company's products have been passed a series of quality certification (CE/ISO/FDA, etc.) to match the overseas market. We have several branches in China now and successfully opened a new office in India in early 2015. In order to provide more efficient service to overseas customers, the company will add more branches in different markets

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How to choose the China hearing aid

Pure tone average hearing threshold PTA: 500Hz, 1000Hz, 2000Hz, 4000Hz four frequency points account for 70% of the importance of determining language intelligibility, is a key range to measure hearing function. To this end, the World Health Organization WHO uses the average of the hearing loss at the four frequency points of 500 Hz, 1000 Hz, 2000 Hz, and 4000 Hz as the base is for dividing the hearing decline level.

In general, patients with hearing loss within 80 dB can choose a hearing aid with normal power. Patients with hearing loss within 80-90 dB can choose high-power hearing aids. Patients with hearing loss above 90 dB can choose super-high power hearing aids. The hearing aid power is too small, the hearing-impaired patients will feel the sound is too small, can not hear clearly, the power is too large to increase the price of the hearing aid.

Jinghao medical technology is the only listed hearing aid company in China with factory and three R&D team for ten years. Welcome to contact us .


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Wearing a hearing aid can cause recurrence of high blood pressure?

Older people with high blood pressure can
wear hearing aids. Hearing aids have no side effects, mainly because high blood
pressure can cause hearing fluctuations. Therefore, it is best to use a hearing
aid in a professional store to review hearings regularly. When hearing is
fluctuating, hearing aids can be debugged according to hearing. .

Choosing the right hearing aid, the right
sound will not affect high blood pressure. However, when you wear it, you
should also pay attention to the fact that when wearing the hearing aid, try
not to be in a noisy environment as much as possible, and the volume of the
sound should not be adjusted too high. You can choose a machine with better
noise reduction performance and better burst noise suppression function. When
you are not in peace, you can take off and relax. Mainly to maintain good
psychological factors. Pay attention to the maximum output of the hearing aid,
do not cause the elderly to be excited. If you can, choose a soft, non-linear

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Hearing aids help your brain well

Hearing aids can help your brain work more relax,make you have more energy to participate daily life.

It is difficult to create if your brain doesn't get right sound. When sound signals from your ears are impaired, your brain need to work harder to make up. The "harder" will take a toll. In fact, hearing loss will make people lonely and depression with the passage of time. That's why it's important for your brain, not just your ears. Hearing aids will help you to avoid these hazards.

Nowadays, hearing aids can help lots of people to relieve hearing loss. Young people, middle-aged, old men, anyone who are hearing loss and and has interfered with work or communication. For children, the development of children's speech and perception depends on the auditory signals they receive, infants with hearing impairment do not intervene in time will have speech problems. For young people and middle-aged, they are nucleus in society. Hearing loss reduce their opportunities for education and employment. For old men, wearing hearing aids can improve listening, improve the quality of life, avoid loneliness, dementia and mental illness. Therefore, wearing hearing aids is particularly important.

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Mob/WhatsApp: +86 15768109313 Email:

Tel: 0086-752-2299187 Fax: 0086-752-2299287


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Hearing aids for elderly people

Recently, there has
been an increase in hearing loss people over the age of 60. The old man at home
has recently spoken loudly, easy to fight, and is also prone to temper? If such
performance is to be taken seriously, it may be suggesting that the hearing of
the elderly is declining.

On March 3rd, the
national "love ear day" is also the international "love ear
day". Let us talk about the hearing loss related to age and organ aging.
What should the elderly do if they refuse to use hearing aids?

According to national
standards, the degree of hearing loss is divided into the following six

1. Normal hearing:
less than 25dB (decibel). It belongs to the normal hearing range.

2. Mild hearing loss:
25 to 40 dB. The patient does not or only feels a slight hearing loss and
generally does not affect verbal communication skills.

3. Moderate hearing
loss: 41 to 55 dB. In the environment of a little distance, background noise,
and collective conversation, you will find that you can't hear clearly; the TV
volume is louder; the snoring phenomenon appears, and the hearing resolution
begins to decrease.

4. Moderate to severe
hearing loss: 56 to 70 dB. Hearing for large conversations and car sounds.

5. Severe hearing
loss: 71 to 90 dB. Patients can hear loud voices or conversations at close
range and even discern ambient noise or vowels, but not consonants.

6. Very severe
hearing loss: greater than 90dB. Patients can't just rely on hearing to
communicate with others, and they need lip reading and body language help.

Older people with
hearing impairment have worse thinking and memory than those with normal
hearing. Hearing loss, the brain's stimulation of the sound is reduced, and it
takes more energy to process the sound, thus sacrificing some of the energy
originally used to deal with memory and thinking. In the long run, the thinking
ability and memory of the elderly will decline. In life, the elderly will have
difficulties in communication, reduced communication, etc., until they lose
their social interest, gradually isolate themselves from the outside world,
become dumb and inferior.

Therefore, when the hearing loss of the elderly is found, the family should take the elderly to the hospital for otolaryngology, head and neck surgery in time ( routine medical inquiry, ear examination, and pure tone hearing threshold test) to find out the cause of hearing loss.

Maggie Wu

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Hearing Aid Classification,let you know how to chose different model.

Hearing aids are divided into different categories. The suitability of hearing aid depends on your hearing loss. Nowadays, amazon  hearing aids selling well.

Common hearing aids are divided into four categories:

Complete in the ear canal hearing aid (CIC)

In the Ear canal hearing aid (ITC)

In-the-ear hearing aid (ITE)

Behind-the-ear hearing aid (BTE)

Complete In ear canal hearing aid (CIC)

The complete ear canal hearing aid is the smallest hearing aid and is very concealed. This type of hearing aid is only suitable for people with large enough ear canal space.

In general, full ear canal hearing aids are suitable for people with mild and moderate hearing loss.

In the Ear canal hearing aid (ITC)

Ear canal hearing aids are slightly larger than full ear canal hearing aids. In general, ear canal hearing aids are suitable for people with mild and moderate hearing loss.

In-the-ear hearing aid (ITE)

In-the-ear hearing aids are bulky because they require a larger receiver; at the same time, such hearing aids provide more functionality. Compared with full ear canal hearing aids (CIC) and ear canal hearing aids (ITC), in-ear hearing aids are more convenient to use and more suitable for the crowd.

Behind-the-ear hearing aid (BTE)

The electronics of the behind-the-ear hearing aids are assembled in a small box behind the ear. Due to its sturdy design concept, this type of hearing aid is especially recommended for children. The type of behind-the-ear hearing aids is also very broad, including people with severe hearing loss. Although placed outside the ear, it is still very hidden. The most advanced ear-receiver hearing aids are placed in the ear canal rather than behind the ear. This reduces the size of the hearing aid and reduces the echo.




Fashion appearance hearing aids in 2019

ITE HEARING AIDS(Popular in TV shipping model)


CIC HEARING AIDS(Hot selling in Amazon CIC Hearing aids in 2019)


Contact Junious Luo 0086 15017913539(WhatsApp/wechat/Skype)

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How to choose a hearing aid clinic?

  You first need to choose a
formal, large-scale, financially strong, high-pitched fitting shop, this
careful point can be fixed.

    You need to find a patient fitter. Many store fittings will be very enthusiastic at the beginning, but you should pay attention to the details. The real good fitter, her (he) eyes will always be clear and bright, there is Warm, you just have to pay attention to it. You need to have an ideal expectation for your hearing. To what extent your hearing loss is, I believe your doctor has told you, so when you decide to wear a hearing aid, please lower your expectations. You should pay attention to the fact that the hearing aid is not as expensive as possible. It is best for you. Here, the ear-back hearing aid is bigger because of its large size. It is suitable for severe hearing loss. The ear type is small and concealed. You often go out to use sports. After the hearing aid is selected, you need to take your warranty card for a few months. Because the machine will bring you some sounds that you could not hear before. You need to get used to this sound, just like getting used to your tinnitus.

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Is it effective to wear a top hearing aid?

Is it effective to wear a top hearing aid?

The working principle of the hearing aid is
to amplify the external sound and then transmit it to the inner ear. The inner
ear converts the sound wave into a nerve impulse and transmits it to the brain
through the auditory nerve. Therefore, if the hearing aid can function, the
inner ear-auditory-audio center system needs to have basic functions. If the
injury site is in the external auditory canal or middle ear, the hearing aid
can help the patient improve their hearing. Of course, if the external ear
canal or middle ear can be repaired by surgery, it is possible that the patient
does not need to wear a hearing aid.

If the inner ear-audio-sense central region
is damaged, whether the hearing aid can function depends on the degree of
hearing loss. When the hearing loss exceeds the power range of the hearing aid,
it is impossible to perform the fitting. Sudden deafness is recommended as soon
as possible. Hearing loss occurs in the short term, and the mildness is from
mild to full. It can be temporary or permanent. The sooner the treatment of
abruptness is better, the cause of the disease can be found as far as possible
to find out the cause, in order to achieve better results. If you can't recover
your hearing after treatment, you can improve it by wearing a hearing aid, but
the effect varies from person to person. It is recommended that you go to the
regular hearing aid fitting center for inspection and matching, and wear it as
early as possible to protect residual hearing.

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Do you have to wear a hearing aid for hearing loss?

Hearing aids are the primary tool for hearing loss and are also very effective aids. However, there are many reasons for hearing loss, and only a part of the hearing aid is needed. Senile deafness is the main application of hearing aids. If you have hearing loss, you should first go to the hospital as soon as possible to do a comprehensive otology and audiology examination to find out the cause. For example, most of the sudden deafness can be cured; the hearing loss of the plane can also be cured during the cold; some hearing loss must be treated surgically; the most common secretory otitis media in children can also be cured;

There are many more. Hearing aids are only recommended by doctors when hearing loss that cannot be handled medically. And the hearing aid must be selected by a professional fitter.

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Monday, August 19, 2019

How to choose a hearing aid ?

How to choose a hearing aid?


  1. Depending on hearing situation:

The hearing condition is also a deafness situation, which varies from person to person. If the condition of the deafness is not particularly serious, then the choice of the hearing aid is very wide; on the contrary, if the deafness is very serious, the hearing aid power required will be large, and the optional hearing aid surface will be narrowed; if the deafness is particularly serious, Only wearable hearing aids can only be worn.

Wearing occasions: The requirements for hearing aids vary depending on the wearing situation. For example, if the elderly are only wearing at home and not too noisy, then the general hearing aid can meet the requirements. But people like young people often go to a variety of complex environments, so the requirements for hearing aids will be high. For example, noisy environments require hearing aids to have higher requirements for sound processing and noise reduction. It is recommended to wear a hearing aid with slightly higher performance.


  1. Brand choice,

Well-known brand hearing aids in worldwide include Siemens, Oticon, Resound, etc.; however many people do not know that China already has its own hearing aid brand. That is Jinghao hearing aid, compared to foreign prices It is much cheaper and the quality is very good. Because the original business is mainly for export, more than 80% of the company's turnover is for export sales.


  1. Where to buy?

The traditional hearing aid industry has an unwritten jargon called "three-point selection, seven-point fitting", which also illustrates the importance of choosing the right hearing aid fitter. Because the sales of hearing aids in China are mainly third-party agents, and hospital regulations are not allowed to sell hearing aids. The so-called hospital sales are also divided after the cooperation between the hospital and the third party. This is also the reason why the hospital sells hearing aids and the price is expensive. Nowadays, the rise of domestic Jinghao hearing aids and other brands, in addition to fitting, hearing patients can also directly purchase through Taobao, pharmacies in some areas, agents, compared to the fitting, may not be so accurate, but win at a cheap price And the basic functions can meet the patients with moderate to mild hearing.

Maggie Wu

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How to make the senior like to wear hearing aids

The hearing of the elderly is slowly declining. As time goes by, the voice of the speech will become bigger and bigger, but I don't have much feeling. This is to communicate with the elderly if you want to wear a hearing aid. You can bring the elderly to the hearing. The center conducts a hearing test to understand his current hearing situation and listen to the effects of wearing and not wearing.

Many elderly people do not know enough about hearing intervention. Generally speaking, they have to listen very clearly. Only when they think about wearing a hearing aid, in fact, the sooner the hearing aid intervention is better, the faster it will adapt, and the effective improvement of speech recognition rate and quality of life. . Another elderly person is more concerned about appearance. At present, an in-ear hearing aid or a super invisible hearing aid can be selected according to the degree of personal hearing loss and the condition of the ear canal. A suitable hearing aid can interfere with hearing and does not cause damage to the ear. Not only can intervene to improve speech resolving ability, but also help in communication and help out in life, and improve the quality of life. Specifically, you can go to the professional fitting center for consultation and audition.

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Will it hurt to wear the hearing aid when it rains

If you are wearing an umbrella on a rainy day, you can wear it normally. If it is heavy wind and heavy rain, it is recommended not to wear it. Hearing aids are electronic products. Pay attention to waterproof and moisture-proof when you use them.

Don't let the hearing aids rain when it rains. If necessary, you can go to the fitting center for thorough maintenance. If you don't bring rain gear on a rainy day, it is best not to wear a hearing aid and remove the machine. At present, hearing aid manufacturers pay great attention to the waterproofing of hearing aids. There is no problem in a small amount of sweating or being drenched by water. However, for the sweat or the living environment, the working environment is relatively poor, the maintenance of the hearing aid should be done. For example, wipe it with a soft cloth every day after use, and regularly go to the hearing aid store for maintenance. If it gets wet or wet, dry the body first, then put the machine into the dry box in time. You can also get the decontamination and maintenance center to avoid abnormal sound and affect the effect.


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